Monday, November 22, 2010

not just a flippin sign

Okay, so like I said before advertising and marketing is my thing. But there's something about the 15 year old kid waving a sign at me that just doesn't "happenin joint". The whole sign thing revolves around visual impressions and being seen 'head and shoulders' about the 40 other restaurants in the immediate plaza and the 400 in the general vicinity. Apparently those 6 thousand dollar neon signs dont do anything but accent the ocean of stucco store fronts begging for consumers to draw near.

So, a new alternative to the same old thing... i put JP in a trench coat and a shiny disco shirt and had him strap in his IPOD for a little experiment. He went out holding (not flipping or throwing) his sign which only cost us $7.50 to have made (local sign shops should have comparative prices. He tried out every retarded dance on the corner that he could and in one after noon business quadrupled. After a full weekend of this during busy traffic periods at a nearby intersection we had drawn in enough new customers to last a year.

For the local neighborhood it was all about people knowing that there was even a restaurant located there. Since the businesses opening, over a year earlier, nobody had introduced the business to its local community. Community, meet JP.

No I am totally kidding. this is not my Sous Chef. But a great idea for drawing in business. The point is that you don't have to put a homeless man on the corner (wont reflect well on impressions of your eatery anyway) and putting a half naked girl on the corner is only going to bring you a certain kind of business that you really could do without anyway (unless your a trashy bar). Dancing and dressing up employees was a bright way to show that we are fun and it was definitely reflected.

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